Grande Pacifica


Create the perfect environment with fire anytime and anywhere. With its illuminate flame, the Grande Pacifica provides warmth, ambiance, and the perfect setting for your friends and family. The Grande Pacifica is a gorgeous accessory to your table, patio, or outdoor living space. JellyFish-Flame is soot-free and asthma-friendly. This model emulates a traditional lantern without the mess or hassle. The Grande Pacifica model requires no ventilation and is safe for indoor and outdoor usage.

Product Dimensions

29 x 13 x 13.3 in.

Weight - 11 lbs.


Illuminate any space and create a beautiful environment with our Jellyfish fireplaces. 


Create a warmth that will provide your friends and family with a soothing atmosphere, perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.


Jellyfish's fireplaces use an eco-friendly, proprietary, gel-fuel formula, that is safe and non-toxic for your family. Single-use canisters provide an easy to use flame that prevents accidental spilling from traditional bio-ethanol usage.

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