Jellyfish's petite Cayman indoor fireplace is the perfect finishing to any room. The Cayman offers a soot-free indoor ambiance that will make your friends and family feel perfectly at home. The elegant glass body sits on an easy to assemble, polished, stainless-steel base. The Cayman is an attractive subtle centerpiece to any desk or end table. Jellyfish provides an asthma-friendly flame, that is sure to enchant any home or office area.

Product Dimensions

20 x 12 x 12.5 in.

Weight - 21 lbs.


Illuminate any space and create a beautiful environment with our Jellyfish fireplaces.


Create a warmth that will provide your friends and family with a soothing atmosphere, perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.


Jellyfish's fireplaces use an eco-friendly, proprietary, gel-fuel formula, that is safe and non-toxic for your family. Single-use canisters provide an easy to use flame that prevents accidental spilling from traditional bio-ethanol usage.

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